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Holiday Specials



Every year I like to offer specials around the holidays and this year is no different.  My offer is 1/3 or $25 off any hour long session gift certificates purchased between now and the end of the year. {Excluding Natal Chart Gong sessions as they will be offered as a special starting in the New Year!} The certificates are good for one year giving you all of 2017 to book your session with me.  Buy them for yourself or as gifts to others.

The services page on this website gives more details about the things that I offer.

Use this button to purchase, certificates will be emailed to you along with instructions on how to book your session.

*EDIT – Button has been removed as the special has ended.

Follow up your purchase by using the contact form on my website to send me a message with your email and I’ll send further instructions on how certificates can be delivered and booking sessions.

We also still have some of our seasonal New Year Prosperity with Bayberry candles available at our Etsy store.  If you are local and interested in purchasing one they are on sale at Vision Quest Bookstore or you can contact me directly using the same form above if you want more than one and we can work out a multiple purchase discount.



August Madness!


The season of the Lion is coming in with a roar!  Not only is it the month of the anniversary of my birth but it is also bringing a family road trip to visit ailing parents as well as the launch of a brand new business.  Talk about your ups & downs!

The new business that launches while we’re on the road this week is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of magickal wares & services called Magicae Foro.  Stay tuned for a full announcement of how you can start your own store on the site for free and start selling!  The launch date is Wed August 5th. In the meantime take a sneak peak by following the links below to take advantage of my Birthday Month Specials on some services!


durga PD

Being a Leo there is no surprise that August is my favorite month and I can think of no better way to celebrate than by offering discounted services to you!

Here are all of the BIRTHDAY MONTH SPECIAL offers, book your session or purchase your audio file through Magicae Foro, marketplace for magickal wares:


  • $50 Spiritual Coaching Session, one hour (Regular $75)

    • Spiritual coaching is a one-on-one meeting designed to help you achieve a particular goal through a deeper understanding of the forces at play in your life.

  • $10 One Question Tarot Reading via email

    • One question tarot consultation special using the Thoth deck by Sondra L Scott. This reading will be “delivered” in the form of an emailed answer to your inquiry.

  • $10 Yoga Nidra Recording approx 30 mins (2 Options)

    • Enjoy a gentle, guided meditation session led by Sondra L Scott. Yoga nidra is relaxing, restorative, and can assist in balancing delicate brain chemistry thereby bringing balance, clarity, & transformation. Yoga nidra is received lying comfortably on your back and can be practiced by anyone.

      • Choose either the physical healing intention or the restorative practice that allows for customizable or spontaneous intention.

  • $1 per minute Tarot Reading

    • 30 min to one hour tarot consultation using the Thoth deck by Sondra L Scott. This reading will be “picked up” via telephone or Skype video call. (Regularly priced $75/hour)

To take advantage of any of these Birthday Month Specials book them through our new Magickal Marketplace Magicae Foro! Prices valid throughout the month of August and services must be claimed by 12/31/15. For more information on the individual services check the services page on this site or send me a message.

Interpretive reading with the Star of Man


During the last few weeks of the tarot series we concentrate a lot on how to bring together the elements we’ve been studying in order to interpret & understand the tarot spread before us.  In my personal practice as well as in the classes I teach, I often use a 5 card spread based on the pentagram. My lover has dubbed this spread the “Star of Man”.   Star of Man spread is laid out as if banishing Earth utilizing the common elemental attributions.  Imagine it with me. Bottom left is Earth, the first card. Top is 2nd & Spirit.  Third is bottom right and Fire.  While left arm is 4th and Air, the right arm 5th and Water.  Understanding & interpreting the message happens several different ways.  In some readings you will formulate a sentence from the cards that answers your question.  In other readings each card will be talking about different areas of  life such as work, school, love or financial.  Sometimes I find that the triangle of cards in the Earth, Spirit & Fire positions tell the story and others it is the the opposing cards in Air & Water that really lock down the answer.  Still other times it will take the combination of several of the above approaches and/or other ones not mentioned here.  This is the Art part of what we do when we are working with the Tarot.  I’ve done a reading before where all 5 cards were the number 5 and the entire reading centered around how to deal with a particularly Martial & angry person in their life.

Debut of Intuitive Tarot workbook


Monday night’s class marked the debut of the Intuitive Tarot workbook designed to go along with that series. The workbook is the first official product of Partners in Flight Creative, which is the lovechild of my partner & I.  The students seemed very pleased.  There is one more major revision already underway before it will be ready for larger publication and distribution.  However the greater project this is a part of, is officially ahead of schedule with this goal being met a full month plus before deadline!   This is a victory on a deep level for me, the result of actively changing a self destructive habit.  Now I believe this moves getting Partners in Flight Creative solidified as an entity higher up on the priority list.   Stay tuned for an announcement in the next couple weeks about that.

IV The Emperor


At the first night of the Intuitive Tarot series on Monday night we drew IV The Emperor as our oracle  for this particular series.


I like for us to draw one card at the start as a guide for the series.  We decided that our Emperor was appropriate especially because these students have  some exposure to the tarot and are ready to discipline themselves to this study.  I am really excited to see how it goes.  I am fairly certain that we will have at least one additional student join us next Monday.  The series is designed in such a way that people can start at the second class but after that enrollment is closed because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the class for me to have to go over something again and it wouldn’t be fair to the new student either because they will have missed too much.  So if you are wanting to join us but missed the first one, fear not, just join us next Monday!

In addition any former student who would like to get  more practice or go over some of the material again may attend any individual class on a per night basis for $20 each night.


My new Intuitive Tarot 6 week class series starts Nov. 5th!


My accomplice, Little Jenn, has been encouraging me to become an actual blogger for about a year now.  I can be stubborn and slow to change, as we were discussing earlier today. The upside of that sort of change is that it tends to be permanent or at least have a better chance of sticking.  To that end, today I am writing to you about my upcoming class series.  Starting Mon. Nov 5th @Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore, I will be teaching a six series called Intuitive Tarot.  The series is designed to introduce you to the magickal language that is known as Tarot.  This series is a revision of my previous 4 week course entitled Beginning Intuitive Tarot.  This is a series aimed directly at laying a firm foundation for any and all type of work with the Tarot and all of the Hermetic Sciences.  This series also marks the debut of the Intuitive Tarot workbook that I have been working on along side of the last few sessions.  It was a process of trying different approaches and getting feedback to adjust course a few times and I loved every second of it!  Check out the self-promotion below:

Intuitive Tarot Class series begins at Vision Quest Monday, Nov 5th from 7p-9p. Classes will continue on consecutive Mondays for 6 weeks, the final class being on Dec 10th.  This new series will cover all the things the previous Beginning Intuitive Class covered plus some; including more practice! This series will also offer a newly put together workbook of expanded class handouts. The workbook will be available for purchase. More info on how to purchase the workbook will be announced soon. As a special offer to all past tarot students you will be able to attend any of the classes in this series individually for only $20/class!

$125 for 6 weeks ($110 early registration discounted price if purchased by November 4th)

Unlock your intuitive abilities and become  a Tarot Reader today!

Access the hidden wisdom buried within this ancient art by developing interpretations based on its hidden symbolism. Learn the secret meanings behind the cards; unlocking the significance of the colors, numbers and hidden archetypes of each of these complex talismans. Knowledge is power, and with the lessons you will learn in this series you will awaken to a whole new reservoir of psychic abilities.

You will learn easy layouts for intuiting past, present and future events as well as the skills to develop some of your own. You will do practice readings, learn how to keep yourself protected and will get strong, constructive feedback as you develop your own personal style!

Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore is located 2225 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85257 480-949-1888

I love preparing for classes!


I am getting really excited about the first In Depth tarot class next week. The meditation I am designing is going to be a lot of fun. I am of two minds, one is excited about leading the meditation and the other wishes I could participate because it sounds like I would enjoy it. That is one of the fun things about earning my living the way I do, so much of it feels like playing. I think about what I would like to do and then put it into a class form!