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Community, Connection & Ceremony


The not so secret subtext of my work, in all the various forms it takes, is to encourage & support people in bringing more ceremony, more ritual, more of the sacred into their lives. Every day, as much as possible. Alone or in groups. Privately and publicly.


I love when I meet people who feel the same way.


Sunday at a meet & greet for the speakers, organizers & vendors of an upcoming expo where I’m selling candles and other goods, I met just such a group of people. Though many years ago I have worked these sort of events representing my family’s wellness center in Texas, this will be our first large vending opportunity with 7 Magi. I wasn’t sure what to expect but when the organizers said they wished to start off on a ceremonial foot, so to speak, I figured I was in the right place.


I immediately volunteered to help out with the ceremony in any way they needed and offered to bring my gong. I was very pleased with how many people came out to the gorgeous home temple to take part in community & ceremony. If I had to guess I’d say more than 30 people attended. [I have learned that it was actually 60!] The serene waterfront property with stone labyrinth out back and temple upstairs, all adorned with images of the gods and other details spoke clearly of sacred space.


With my gong set up I began to mingle and met a Holistic practitioner & fellow sound artist, Kim Balzan, as she was setting out her crystal bowls for the ceremony. She had gorgeous Sedona red rock, planet & other crystal bowls. We sat and talked about the harmony of the spheres while the room filled with people & the sounds of chatter, laughter & joy.


Mind you no discussion about my specific involvement in the ritual had taken place and though my younger uber detail-oriented self would never have thought it possible, I was unconcerned.


The ceremony started with us all encircling the labyrinth for purification, consecration and statement of intent; then moving to the upstairs temple. Kim & I took our places as everyone found seats around us. It was all very intuitive. We worked together seamlessly, our tools interacting with and giving way to one another in a dance. A dance I feel they’ve always known.  An overall very enjoyable experience.


The very type of experience I’ve found again & again, in small groups & large.  People coming together in ceremony, wanting connections, seeking meaning & purpose. I’ve had many people over the years tell me that this type of thing doesn’t exist. That places for ceremony or supportive communities that deal with the deeper mysteries and or space to sing, dance and love in a reverent manner  or “people like me” don’t exist. People that think or feel like them and want to talk about it, don’t exist or at least they don’t have access them if they do. That these are rare and hard to find or somehow hidden from them. That they have to cherish & protect these tiny little spaces for fear of corruption. Maybe also to avoid bringing the sacred into their everyday days lives and the relationships they already have.


I say keep your groups small if you feel the need to but then make many groups. Start a hundred small groups. Bring ceremony to groups you’re already in. Take a moment to be thankful before meals with your friends. Be mindful of why you are gathering. Start talking to the people in your life about the deep things you wish you could. Maybe they are wishing the same thing.


Many years ago, in the first couple weeks of yoga teacher training, a fellow student excitingly said to me, “This is the only place you can talk about these things and get this kind of acceptance.” I remember it specifically because I think I was already nodding my head in agreement when I found myself saying, “You know this IS really wonderful but I’m afraid I can’t agree with the sentiment that this is the only place it exists. In my life I have many places and areas and people such as this. I am so glad to help provide that for you & share it with you. Though I do hope you can find more of it.”


It was hard to tell if my meaning had been clear though and since she didn’t talk to me much after that and eventually dropped out, I am afraid it may not have been. I didn’t think about saying it. I honestly was hearing agreement in my head until another voice said, “now wait that isn’t true, you have this in your life.” The voice was right and the words started coming through without me knowing where it was going. My intention was to show her that she too could have more. Since magick starts with intention I can only hope that my intention got in and if it is in accord with her own Will, that it may be of assistance.


I wanted to talk about it, here. Publicly. And maybe by so doing it will help encourage others to seek out an create these experiences too. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities in my life. I like to say so when I am.


Thank you to Tina Sacchi for inviting me to be a part of The Journey; Mind, Body and Soul Expo in February 2017.



Promise of the Future


 Earlier this year I received as a gift, an oracle deck called Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield. It is the first oracle deck I’ve owned.


© 2016 Angela Hartfield.

The images on it are gorgeous and I’ve found myself consulting it more often than I had expected. Usually drawing only one card either for a client or myself. It isn’t a practice I’ve done with regularity but having recently returned from my Magickal Healing Bootcamp Week I decided to draw a card as guidance for moving forward.

I drew #8 Promise of the Future

Looking at the card the first thing that drew my attention was the glow upon the back of Ganesha’s head. Looking as if the light was coming from within & without at the same time. Looking out at the sunrise shining across the distance in front of him.

“Rest assured something new is on the horizon”, the book says & it goes on to talk about a new phase in life, new creative endeavors and asking Ganesha to help uncover subconscious desires, to follow any creative nudges and all sparks of inspiration.

In light of drawing this card I’ve decided to undertake a magickal working with Ganesha. A specially dedicated portion of my daily practice or sadhana for 8 days to reflect the number of the card. I’ll take time daily to do as recommended and reflect on lessons & blessings of past endeavors and I’ll also allow myself time for creativity be it drawing, coloring, painting or…


 Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha

is the chant I learned during my Bhakti training & I will use for this practice, 108 times counting with my mala beads


This chant is used to invoke Lord Ganesha, who is worshiped before all, the patron of art & sciences, is called upon at the beginning of all endeavors and stands at the doorway leading forward.

This all seems very appropriate following my trip and the deep healing work. I am ready for new endeavors. I am ready for the upcoming year. I am ready for the FUTURE.