Sondra finds it ideal to teach people yoga in a one on one setting because yoga is so much more than the physical (Asana) practice or classes you attend at studios & gyms. Yoga is a tool for self-realization, transformation, and healing, and when applied in several different ways in your life, it can be a tuning-fork for Love!  Everybody is different and every body is different.  Not only do we have unique physical make ups, we are unique on every level – yoga speaks to that.  As your private yoga teacher Sondra will bring years of study and practice to bear on designing routines that are best suited to “Your” needs – even as they change through practice.

Here is what she has to say about her work:

“I teach one-on-one whenever possible. My goal is to assist you in developing a personal practice.  Working with all eight limbs of Raja Yoga, we develop a practice that is perfectly suited to ‘Your’ body, lifestyle, and needs. I ask my private students for a commitment to four sessions over four consecutive weeks. At the conclusion of which we decide what the next steps are.  Some clients find this sufficient while others continue on weekly, bi-weekly, occasionally or monthly.  We are each quite unique!”


Benefits from a yoga practice include less stress, the ability to relax more fully, more energy, increased strength, flexibility, and peace of mind; and ultimately a better understanding of your own life and a deeper connection to your life’s purpose & sense of connection to the divine.


Prices for private yoga instruction:

Initial consultation $75, follow up weekly or bi-weekly sessions

@ $50/hour or monthly sessions for $75

Sessions include instructions for building a personal practice as well as instruct in ways to take the best care of your individual body during any group or studio classes you choose to attend!  Sessions may include suggestions for personal daily practices outside of the physical asana practice.  Advice could include breathing exercises (pranayama), mantra, mediation, prayer, dietary suggestions, mindfulness practices, journaling, art projects, ceremony, gong healing or mediation and personal yoga nidra sessions or recordings for use at home.  As tarot reader, ordained priestess, magician and trained spiritual coach these elements could easily find their way into sessions as well.