I am really excited about this next stage of my journey!  I’ve been talking about launching a Patreon page for few months now, and have successfully managed to make my deadline, even while being tossed the curve ball of fighting off a cold the final few days of the month! 

Now... some of you may ask..."What is a Patreon page?"  Well… simply put, Patreon is a social site/platform for artists to connect to patrons and fans. This platform creates the opportunity for creators and patrons to connect with each other, and puts patronage into the hands of everyone.  Patrons get to choose their own level of support, and decide how involved to be in the artists community. The most applicable definition of patron in this instance is “a person chosen, named, or honored as a special guardian, protector, or supporter; as in a patron of the arts”.  I am a patron for a few creators on this site, and gain so much of value from those experiences; that I am always on the look out for other artists to support. 

I would love for you all to join me on this journey; and, if you are a creator yourself. see if Patreon might work for me and others to support you and your work!  If you decide you would like to start your own Patreon page; please shoot me a message, and I can send you an invite link that will give you a cash bonus based on how many patrons start supporting you in your first month!  I don’t get anything for this other than the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped out a friend!