Yoga & Magick

Gong/Sound/Meditation Services

Harmonic Alchemy Healing Sessions 

In a private Harmonic Alchemy gong session Sondra will custom craft a personal experience of “celestial attunement” just for you. Utilizing your astrological birth (Natal) chart, the planetary alignments of the heavens, or Harmony of the Spheres, and her understanding of our Pranic or energy bodies & the Chakra systems

These sessions utilize the surface of Sondra’s 22” wind gong to map your Natal chart and any other sound healing instruments needed to achieve the desired result.  Each session is designed with an intention or resolve, known as a sankalpa in Sanskrit; crafted during the consultation between client and artist to achieve specific goals.  Goals can include anything from the mundane to the magickal.  Past clients have used these sessions for physical healing, emotional healing, trauma release, course corrections to get back on track as well as to bring in desired goals.  No intention too small, too big or unworthy!

Prior to your session a 30 minute consultation, either by phone/video or in person will need to take place at least 3 days in advance. In preparation for the consultation have your natal chart ready or provide birth information to include date, time and place of birth in advance so that your chart can be prepared for you.

The performance of the ceremony takes place in the convenience of your own home, noting that it will require a low-lit room and as quiet of an environment as possible.  During our hour-long session, you can expect to experience a change in your personal energetic field, aligning your aura to the harmonies of your birth-chart. An avenue will thereby be built for carrying this change through to the different areas of your life.

Price:  $150 (Includes a 30 min. phone consultation minimum of three days before we meet for the hour long natal gong session.)

Yoga Nidra Healing Sessions 

Originating in the ancient Vedic texts known as the Upanishads, Yoga Nidra is a tool and technique where one is guided into a state of “conscious relaxation.” You will be led into deeper levels of consciousness, and through the brainwave states of Alpha to Theta and Delta where deep change and healing can occur. 

Through the use of a Sankalpa, your intention or resolve is spoken to the consciousness that is at once beyond self and more self at the same time. This is the field of creation where planted sees grow into life experienced – healing the body, mind and soul also occurs here. This highly meditative tool also strengthens parts of the brain that can balance delicate chemistry naturally and bring the body into its natural state of balance.

Personal 1-hour Session— 1:1 personal healing session;personalized with a pre-defined intention, such as physical healing, stress reduction, addiction/recovery, personal transformation, memory boosting and more. Sessions may also be requested to suit any individual need.

Price:  $100

Group Nidra Sessions— Consists of 3 or more individuals and consist of a pre-defined intention, such as physical healing, stress reduction, addiction/recovery, personal transformation, memory boosting and more. Sessions may also be requested to suit any individual need. 

Price:  Arranged on case by case basis.


Private Healing & Clearing Sessions 

Private meditation and healing sessionPrice: $50 for 30 minutes or $100/hour

Small group meditation or gong bathPrice: $100 per hour per group (5-10 individuals) 

House clearingPrice $75 flat rate.

Group Charity Sessions: In service and  to give back, I donate my time towards fundraisers and charitable causes. If you are interested in hosting a charity or fundraising event, please contact me via email or through this site, and I will customize an event to suit your needs.


Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is a one-on-one meeting designed to help you achieve a particular goal through a deeper understanding of the forces at play in your life.

Utilizing my knowledge and experience related to spiritual matters, I can assist you in creating your own sacred space to work on life’s issues. This can range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual, such as relationship issues, career or work concerns, decision-making on all levels, freeing oneself of complacency, or building a daily spiritual practice. 

With my intuitive skills coupled with your own innate knowledge of yourself will help you to view your life from new perspectives so that you may make positive changes.

Price: $100 per hour



In addition to being an intuitive life coach, I am also an ordained Priestess and Ceremonialist who will help to create and perform a custom ceremony for you.  Including rituals & ceremonies as part of your life helps to create fulfillment, understanding, depth, and builds a sense of connection to one’s inner guidance.

· Marriage

· Rights of Passage

· Lunar Rituals

· Seasonal Rituals

· Life’s transitions – such as a new job, end or beginning of a relationship

· House Blessings

· Gong Ceremony or Use of Gong in the Ceremony