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My Celestial Journey of Transformation


In my own space of spiritual development, I’ve been guided to embark on a year-long journey of alignment with the planets and constellations, that will include monthly solar and lunar rituals.  The idea is to perform these “attunements” with the zodiacal constellations, and the planets that make up our modern tropical astrology. These planets and their relationships to the constellations in the night sky, inform our inner psychology, our esoteric traditions, and so much more. 

Throughout the year, I will ritually celebrate each time the sun changes zodiacal signs and each full moon for the year. All Zodiacal Solar rituals will be based on similar formulas of actively invoking and working with the energies using magical correspondences for the signs and planets that rule them. The Lunar ceremonies may be any combination of meditation, chanting, sound healing, divination, drumming, ecstatic dance or devotional work utilizing the astrological influences of the time. The solar rituals will be performed on the first day of the new sign (to the best of my ability), and the lunar ones will be performed within the three-day time period encompassing the day before and day after. Some of these rituals will be done via live video for my patrons, and some of them may be made available on YouTube after the fact.  Some events will also be offered as public events locally; based on whatever city I am in at the given time.

As some of you may already know, March 20th is the Spring Equinox (i.e the day that the sun moves into Aires; as is the case with all full moons). That means the moon will be in the opposite sign of Libra as the sun is in Aries. At 2:58 PM (MST) the sun enters Aries and at 6:43 PM (MST) the moon will reach fullness. As such, I have decided that this would be the perfect day to start my journey; as I will be performing two, rituals that day! That said, two of the twenty-four rituals that I have dedicated myself to do monthly over the course of this year will be done on the same day; within this first month! 

Below you will see the list of the dates and times for each full moon and when the sun enters new signs for the yearly cycle. Though the official start date is March 20th I will be celebrating the full moon in Virgo privately on February 19th at 8:54 am with a ritual divination for any last-minute guidance prior to the cycle.  

Look forward to hearing and or seeing you all sometime this year!


Sondra L. Scott, Reiki Phoenix,Reiki Scottsdale,Life Coach Phoenix, Sound Therapy,Harmonic Alchemy