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Available candle recipes

A Catalyst – Set something in motion, Add power and action to an endeavor; Light a Fire under a project.

Banish Negativity – Banish negative energy, evil, and that which no longer serves you. Clear away obstacles and create an aura of protection in your life.

Business Success – Burn this candle to bring success in business, whether it be starting a business, finding a job or increasing business traffic.

Bonds of Love – Encourage intimacy, understanding and emotional honesty as Love’s foundation.

Attract Love – Open your heart to love. Create an aura that entices and attracts the love that you desire.

Confidence Building – This candle is designed to help you access inner strengths and find your center, building an aura of confidence and calm strength.

Divination – Call upon the highest source of Guidance & Wisdom.

Dreamwork – To enhance dream recall & to aid in lucid dreaming.

Chakra Clearing – Chakras are energy centers in the body that are foundational to our energetic, emotional & physical wellbeing. Daily life can interrupt their natural rhythm. There are many ways to maintain that rhythm. This candle is designed to be one of those & assist in supporting your own natural flow.

House Blessing – Whatever place you call your home a blessing is surely in order to help instill an energy of peace and prosperity!

Expose Truth – The candle will help to bring the Truth to light.

Healing – Increase health and emotional wellbeing. Heal past & present hurts, traumas and pains.

Grounding/Centering – When the experiences of this world have you feeling shaken up or discombobulated it is time to bring it back down to Earth!

Legal Matters – This candle is designed to bring clarity, integrity and favor to any legal matter.

Joy – Bring Joy to your life at work and play.

Protection – Sometimes we all need a little extra protection. Call upon the Highest Light to protect you and those things dear to you.

House Sale – Designed to help bring you the right buyers in a timely manner, with the means to buy the house at your asking price.

Money Draw – Increase financial stability and bring abundance into your life or an endeavor

Tempering Mercury – Promoting strength of communication, prosperity in business, and offering protection against the negative effects of this often wandering star.

Psychic Receptivity – To create sacred space that is open to psychic impressions and other realms.

Peace & Harmony – Bring Harmony to opposing forces and peaceful resolution to conflicts.

Stimulate Creativity – Inspiration for any and all creative endeavors!

Renewal – Feeling like you need a fresh start or a new outlook?

(New Year) Bayberry Prosperity – Whatever festival you celebrate over the holidays – give the gift of a Bayberry Candle to your friends, loved ones, or yourself!

Meditation – Designed to assist with focus and removing distractions, this candle will help provide a safe atmosphere both within and without.