Ch, ch, changes…


The times they are a changing!

We are well into May now and I have exciting things to share. Many areas of my life are experiencing beautiful growth. In light of that I’m making schedule changes to accommodate. I will be increasing my available hours for tarot, spiritual coaching & private nidra consultations each week overall, by pruning in one area to expand in others.


I am still available at Vision Quest on Tuesdays from 11am to 6pm (book appointments by calling the store at 480-949-1888). And I will also be available, starting in June, Thursdays & most Saturdays from 10am to 2pm and Mondays from 2pm to 8pm for Skype or phone appointments. You will be able to book & pay for your time through my website with the convenient new online booking system being added as we speak.  You’ll also be able to purchase gift certificates for yourself or others to be used at a later time.

My company 7 Magi ~ Designs for a Magickal Life, is also growing and changing. With more wholesale outlets and opportunities we are taking time to re-group and re-direct.  The website is being completely redone and is offline currently.  When it returns we will not only resume selling our candles online we’ll be debuting some fun new products.  Stay tuned for updates!

I am also pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with 2 beautiful & powerful women; Piperlyne Tomczyk and Sonya Stockhaus. Together we will facilitate a six hour workshop for women on Understanding & Invoking Owl Wisdom Saturday June 11th!

We are not done with the good news yet!

I also offer a Yoga for Strength & Flexibility class on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at a private community center near the Scottsdale/Tempe border. This class is designed specifically to support individual & diverse bodies.  It is gentle in nature yet brings tougher strength building elements to the table as well. It is open to the public but you’ll need to email me at for specific location.  I offer a smoking deal for this class; $6 per class or $20 for a 4 class pass!

Last but not least my gong and sound therapy business is booming with private sessions available in my home temple or your home, as well as several regular monthly offerings! The lovely Emily and I are at Vision Quest first Fridays with Mantra, Meditation & Music of the Spheres. I’m at Fantasia Crystals one Sunday a month for Nidra Gong and then back at Vision Quest the last Friday of the month with my Gong Meditation & Vibrational Healing Journey.

Annnnd…I know it is a lot already isn’t it! but there are still other special appearances some months such as this month’s Vibe Out in Nature yoga and gong experience at the Usery Park Nature Centure with Nimisha Tejani on  Saturday the 21st. (all events listed with details on my event page)

Growth begets growth and a couple new tools have found their way into my sound toolbox, in the form of 2 crystal singing bowls! So look for more public sound bath therapy sessions to come!

My fiancé looks at me like I’m nuts most days with the amount of busy he sees happening in my sphere and I do understand how it must look from the outside.  However, for the first time in a really long time I feel like things are happening without much effort.  I am following the paths that are opening to me knowing they are the result of years of refinement within me and learning to understand and know my own Will.

There is joy in the work!  There is joy in the process! There is joy in the results!

With so many opportunities I hope to see all of you soon!

bowlPhoto credit Melissa Corter




About Sondra L Scott

Sondra is a Ceremonialist, Priestess, Yogini, & Artist. She’s a Mystic and a Magickian, a lover, a mother, & a grandmother. Sondra has spent her life studying the mysteries of life both natural and supernatural. She is at home in a city as in a field; in a dress or in work boots, she has experienced a life full of variety. For the better part of three decades she has dedicated herself to studying and practicing Eastern and Western philosophy, magic, and religion. She is ordained in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. For many years her work has centered around helping people create more enriching and fulfilling lives; and to understand their challenges as well as their gifts. She can be a companion on your journey of Soul.

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