Sunday’s Kabbalah!


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Thanks once again for everyone who made it out for last weekend’s Kabbalah Fundamentals class.

This week we are taking an exciting step forward with our introduction to “Practical Kabbalah,” or Kabbalistic Magick. This week we’ll be discussing the formula of the “Great Name,” and its applications upon the Tree of Life. We’ll be exploring the different orders of nature contained within this formula and we will get some hands on practice with the methods used by Kabbalists to contact and utilize these principles in real life.

As always, you are welcome to this class whether you’ve attended the previous two or not and should have no problem jumping right into the mix!

Class runs from 12 noon to 2pm this Sunday the 23rd and is just $20 at the door:

{9} The Gallery

1229 Grand Ave

Phoenix, Az, 85007

(602) 258-0959

Love is the law, love under Will


About Sondra L Scott

Sondra is a Ceremonialist, Priestess, Yogini, & Artist. She’s a Mystic and a Magickian, a lover, a mother, & a grandmother. Sondra has spent her life studying the mysteries of life both natural and supernatural. She is at home in a city as in a field; in a dress or in work boots, she has experienced a life full of variety. For the better part of three decades she has dedicated herself to studying and practicing Eastern and Western philosophy, magic, and religion. She is ordained in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. For many years her work has centered around helping people create more enriching and fulfilling lives; and to understand their challenges as well as their gifts. She can be a companion on your journey of Soul.

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