How often do strangers ask you about your personal hygiene habits?


I wear my hair in dreadlocks.  For some reason this is apparently an invitation to strangers to ask me about my personaly hygiene habits.  I did not know that this was going to be a part of the whole ‘dreads’ experience. It seems as though, much like a celebrity seems to give up a certain right to privacy, those of us dreadlocked individuals have also given up something in the ‘crossing personal boundaries’ realm.  It is ok, mostly I just smile & explain how and how often I clean my hair.  It is an honest curiosity & I have a smile and demeanor that is approachable.  Just one of those things that makes me wonder, having never been compelled to inquire as to the personal hygiene of strangers before.

So just for the record. I bathe several times a week as well as shower. However, I only tend to wash my hair about once a week or every 4 days about.  It takes an entire day to dry and my one biggest concern about having dreads is if they end up smelling musty.  I cannot handle musty smell. They would be gone.

Another fun question is “What motivated me to dreadlock?”  I don’t tend to get comments on this blog. As an experiment I ask you, my friends should I answer the above question in another blog thus starting an occasional series as it were on the life of a modern, dreadlocked, middle aged, sojourner?  If even one person comments on this blog I will do so.


A shot of the back of my head from last summer on the 2 year dread-versary!


About Sondra L Scott

Sondra is a Ceremonialist, Priestess, Yogini, & Artist. She’s a Mystic and a Magickian, a lover, a mother, & a grandmother. Sondra has spent her life studying the mysteries of life both natural and supernatural. She is at home in a city as in a field; in a dress or in work boots, she has experienced a life full of variety. For the better part of three decades she has dedicated herself to studying and practicing Eastern and Western philosophy, magic, and religion. She is ordained in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. For many years her work has centered around helping people create more enriching and fulfilling lives; and to understand their challenges as well as their gifts. She can be a companion on your journey of Soul.

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  1. First off let me say, I get all fuzzy warm inside when you call yourself a “sojourner”.
    A mutual friend posted a pic of a neglected dog. Before I met you my first thought would have been “this dog is terribly unkempt, how sad.” Instead I thought, “oh, this doggie doo has dreadlocks, how cute.” I think we have all been conditioned by the dreaded Marlyism. Stories of the various bugs claimed to have been found in the singers dreads. Personally I am not a fan of frizz, some days I can hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror because of it. I found this doubly so when my hair was braided. The best braided hair I have ever seen of any variety has been oiled, then I think, braided hair looks oh so sharp.

    • Thank you & thank you for the word sojourner 🙂 I appreciate you words. I like to use an olive oil spray on my hair about once a week. I should grab some more soon. It tames the frizzies.

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